Western coverage of Olympics shows a lingering Cold War bias


Originally published in PolicyMic

NBC’s coverage of the Olympic opening ceremonies drew heavy criticism, but no statement shocked American viewers like the branding of Communism as one of history’s most pivotal experiments. Americans acted as if they had personally suffered in a Stalinist gulag, attacking the ceremonies for leaving out large chunks of Russian history. The Soviet period, in our mind, was glossed over and glorified, where it should be vilified.

The public outrage primarily plagued conservative critics. Glenn Beck likened the USSR to Darth Vader and the galactic empire, saying “The entire society was about limitation. It wanted to be an evil empire, and it was.” Our vicious dissection and analysis of a show meant to entertain and educate us on the host country shows a lingering and distasteful Russophobia in our country.

Last year, President Obama accused Vladimir Putin of being stuck in a Cold Warmindset. According to Western…

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