Russian-American Relations in the Era of the Reset


On May 22nd, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev delivered a letter from President Putin in response to President Obama’s note. Both leaders stubbornly refuse to make a state trip to either country, so the two correspond by hand-delivered letters. Contents of this latest note have not been made public, but Secretary Patrushev is quoted as saying, “We value the U.S. readiness to ensure transparency of missile defense programs. Yet it is not enough” (ITAR-TASS). This response is indicative of the Russian-American relationship – grudge-based, often one-sided, and not enough for either state. Experts agree the United States has had its fill of appealing to the Russian ego and squabbling over espionage scandals and domestic issues. The two leaders will meet today in Northern Ireland. Syria and ballistic missile defense will be high priority issues, but likely divisive ones. Should the summit prove unfruitful, Obama may back away…

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