On Klitschko (Dec. 19, 2013)


(Originally here on Policy Mic) In the midst of the upheaval in Kiev’s Maidan square, one man stands particularly tall. At 6’7,” Vitali Klitschko towers over his supporters and opposition alike, and has emerged as a top contender for Ukraine’s next presidential race. But hes no ordinary politician.

Klitschko has a perfect face for politics. With a strong jaw and a heavy brow, he’s been charming Ukrainians for decades on television. He’s spent his career dodging jabs and blows as the world heavyweight boxing champion, and a hero of Ukraine. His knockout rate is second only to Rocky Marciano’s, and he’s lost just two fights of 47. During Ukraine’s 2004 Orange Revolution, his fight with Danny Williams was even broadcast in Maidan so that activists wouldn’t have to miss it.

Last week, Klitschkoset aside his champion belt to focus full-time on Ukraine and his political party, UDAR. His campaign…

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