Behind Russia’s latest string of jailbreaks (Dec. 23, 2013)


(Originally here on Policy Mic)

Vladimir Putin dropped a casual bomb on the international community on Thursday when, during an annual press Q&A, he announced his intent to release political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The announcement came on the heels of sweeping amnesty legislation, which also releases several high-profile prisoners, including the two remaining members of Pussy Riot and 30 Greenpeace activists.

Putin stressed at the press event that he hasn’t reversed any court decisions. In regard to Pussy Riot, he remained disgusted, telling reporters, “I feel sorry not because they went to prison, but because they committed that provocative act, which degraded women.” That degrading, provocative act, of course, was a “punk prayer” smashing Putin from Moscow’s iconic Christ the Saviour cathedral. He maintained that the law was not drawn up for the sake of Greenpeace or Pussy Riot, and that he hopes they have learned their lesson.


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